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Thank you to everyone who supported Why Not Run 2019 and helped to make the event such a great success. We are delighted to announce that we raised a total of £? for the Ben Daniels Memorial Fund in association with Cardiac Risk in the Young.


We are also delighted to announce that since its inception in 2012, Why Not Run has raised a total of £? for children's and young people's charities in the local area.


Many congratulations to everyone who has participated in this event over the years, but especially to our 2019 winners, who are listed below:


 1km  Girls Year 2 & below  Time       1km Boys Year 2 & below        Time 
 1st Jasmine Davids 4:40  1st Alex Clarkson       4:27
 2nd Megan Osagie 4:45  2nd James Ruffle 4:50
 3rd Kiki Spencer 5:04  3rd

 James Bidder



 2km  Girls Years 3 & 4          Time        2km  Boys Years 3 & 4         Time 
 1st  Emily Beckwith    9:00  1st  Max Gordon 8:28
 2nd Francesca Newman  9:32  2nd Harry Jackson 8:45
 3rd Brianna Kuranga  9:35  3rd Samuel Hooker  8:47


 2km  Girls Years 5 & 6    Time      2km Boys Years 5 & 6        Time 
 1st Luciana Smith 8:00  1st Joseph Scanes        7:12
 2nd Emily Summers 8:09  2nd Victor Cardon 7:59
 3rd Leticia Romanova 8:11  3rd

 Malek Sweis



2kmPairs Relay 18 and underTime
1stLuciana Smith & Roxy Spencer7:57
2ndBlanka & Julian Wojkczak8:06
3rdDylan & Rohan Cosgrove8:12


 5km  Adult/Year 7 & above Time           5km  Adult/Year 7 & above   


 1st Sarah Newman 20:38  1st Gary Spencer 19:25
 2nd Jane Walsh 20:49  2nd Robin Bebbington 20:03
 3rd Miranda Rofle 21:12  3rd Tom Horuk 20:17